Selling Playbook

You’ve thought about selling. You look on the county website, maybe Zillow or Redfin, to get an idea
about what your house might be worth. What is your home’s actual market value today?
How quickly do homes sell now? How do you prep for sale? How do you sell and buy at the same time?
What are the other questions you should be asking but don’t know?
You’re in luck. What follows is our hard-hitting, tell all guide to the home selling process in Grays Harbor
and beyond. We at the Spivey Realty Group (SRG) focus on your needs and experience as a seller,
making sure we help you sell in the simplest, most profitable way.
Reach out with questions. We are your resource for all things home related. We live and breath real
estate and it’s our passion to help capitalize on the equity in your home.

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